Sunday, March 29, 2014

After church today I found myself grumbling loudly to myself about our hot 90 degree weather which seems to be here to stay for the next six months…

After church today I also had a conversation with a friend about grumbling.  She told me the story of a friend who wore a bracelet for 21 days.  Every time the friend found herself complaining, grumbling, or criticizing, she would take the bracelet off and put it on her other wrist.  Her hope was to wear it straight for 21 days without having to change wrists and start over from Day 1.

Apparently the friend has worn the bracelet for awhile now and is still on “Day 1”.  I can relate.

I have so much to be grateful for.  I am about to leave my air-conditioned home (I have a home) … and ride in my air-conditioned car (I have a car) … to the air-conditioned grocery store (I can afford to feed my healthy family).

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”


5 thoughts on “Sunday, March 29, 2014

  1. debi

    I need to try one of those bracelets, especially in the summertime! I tend to do my share of grumbling when it’s hot and humid, and I’m feeling icky and sticky, but we sure are blessed with the comforts we have in this country, that’s for sure! I need to be more mindful of everything we do have, all the way down to the smallest of blessings. Yes, every day we have reason to rejoice, and much to be grateful for! Beautiful flower, my friend!! 🙂


  2. debi

    Dropping in to see how you are doing and praying all is well, my friend! I haven’t been checking in here as much as I should over the past few weeks and I have missed seeing your posts. My son has had strep throat, the family business has been slow, but spring, green grass, and the blooms all have finally arrived. Sure hope to see a post from you soon … and oh my, I could say the same thing to myself! Lol!! I need to post soon, too! Hugs!! 🙂


      1. debi

        So glad to hear from you so soon, and thank you for your prayers for our son! Thankfully, he’s feeling better and plans to work tomorrow. Our family business is installing ceramic tile and wood flooring. They also do the wall tiles in bathrooms, back splashes in kitchens, and the stonework around fireplaces. My husband has done this ever since I’ve known him. I’ve been a bit concerned as it’s gotten a little harder on him physically … he’s not as young as he once was when he started, but he’s learned a lot and really enjoys doing it. With spring here now, things should pick up again soon. And, I will have to work on that post … I hope to see one from you soon, too! In the meantime, you have a blessed week! 🙂

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