Sunday, March 22, 2015

One morning last week I briefly stopped by my neighbor’s house to ask her a quick question.  Her table was nicely set for breakfast and she was busy cooking.

She mentioned that her grandkids “love it when I cook them this breakfast” and I was thinking to myself “who wouldn’t?”  I actually took photos which is a bit odd …

There is something about home cooking that creates a special warmth in a home.  I’ve never been much of a cook, and my family rather missed out on that.

unnamed 1

unnamed 2

unnamed 3

I’ve been dieting and reading different books on “healthy ways of eating”.  Some say meat and eggs are wonderful, eat low carbs (Taubes), and others say eat a plant based diet (Ornish).

One thing they do seem to agree on is that refined sugar is a no-no.  Sadly that means no more of these:

I’ve been gong to the gym and walking.  The azaleas are blooming now and are so pretty!

unnamed 6

My neighbor the cook is also a wonderful gardener.

unnamed 4


2 thoughts on “Sunday, March 22, 2015

  1. Julie Harris

    Beautiful pictures! I love home cooked meals too, but I’m not much of a cook either! I am so thankful spring is here because that means great walking weather! Best of luck to you as you try to stay away from those peanut m&m’s 🙂

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  2. debi

    Oh my … now that’s a breakfast!! I can only imagine what the smells would have been like! Her grand kids are very blessed to have a grandmother that cooks like that! I love to home cook our meals, and it’s not odd at all to take pictures of things like that. I love food photography, myself. I have quite a few photos to share that go along with the recipes I’ve made over the years. Maybe I’ll start a food blog! 🙂 And I notice that’s an XXL bag of M&M’s, lol! Why is everything so ‘super’ sized these days … sure doesn’t help those of us who want to lose weight, one bit! And yes, I’m trying to lose a few+ pounds, too, but they’re not coming off as easily as they did before! :/ We don’t do the refined sugar either … we use a good grade of honey from the health food store, and I’ve also found both coconut sugar, or 100% Organic Maple Syrup can be very tasty to sweeten the one cup of coffee I have in the morning. My husband has had some issues with his heart, so sugar of any kind is a no-no, as well as anything fried, or foods with gluten. I’m trying to find recipes for all things gluten-free … not hard to do these days. Seems a lot of people are GF, but he’s not so happy about it. 😦

    I usually do my exercising here at home, but it would be nice, once it warms up, to get outside and walk … it was actually 19* two nights ago! Think we broke some records with that temperature! The photos of your neighbors flowers are beautiful! We only have a few buds on our trees right now and no flowers, yet … the grass is still a dull brown. It’s slow in coming this year, but it will arrive sooner or later … personally, I prefer sooner! I also wanted to check to see how your daughter was doing. I do pray she’s much better now! You have a blessed week … I’m going to be doing some much needed spring cleaning, and purging, around this house! 🙂



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