What to Write About

A bit about me – I’m happily married, retired, and a mother to adult children who live out of state.

I enjoy taking photographs but know nothing about photography.

I am one who sometimes (often?) likes to feel I could be in control of circumstances, but I know that God is in control, and He is good, and the best thing I can do is trust Him.


1 thought on “What to Write About

  1. debi

    It’s so nice to meet you! I’ve sure enjoyed reading your posts. I want to thank you again for your recent visit to my blog. I know how terribly difficult it is to have our children live out of state, too. Our son did for a time, but I am grateful that he is back near our home again. We’ve had some concerns for him, and I have to say that God has been showing me just how much in control I am NOT!! God is good and I’m so glad we can trust Him with every little thing, so the best thing we can do is to have faith enough to completely let go and let God do what He does best … all He asks us to do is rest! Hope you don’t mind my following along and visiting you again. In the meantime, I’m hoping to get back to blogging soon, myself! I’ve missed it! Blessings to you!



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