February 27, 2017

A few Tuesdays ago I cashiered at the thrift store I volunteer at … that’s something I usually don’t do on Tuesdays.  Tuesday is “senior discount day” and one only has to be over 55 to qualify.

I was puzzled though as to how to decide if some of the customers were over 55.  I doubt a 48 year old woman would like to be asked, “Are you over 55 ma’am?”

When one lady of questionable age came up to the register I told her that she should be sure to shop here on Tuesdays when she turned 55, because then she’d get a 10% discount.  She replied by telling me she was 54.  (Phew.)  I told a male customer the same thing, and he smiled broadly while telling me he was over 70.  I must have studied the face of the lady immediately in line behind him a little too closely … before I’d even spoken one word she said, “Yes I’m over 55”.  (I’ve been told that I don’t have a poker face.)

Upon returning home in the afternoon I performed a magic trick.  I retrieved an even number of hubby’s brand new socks from the laundry basket, transferred them to the washer and dryer, and out came an odd number of socks.  Not to worry, I’ll do the same thing a different week and he’ll be back to having an even number of socks soon enough.  Hopefully they’ll be the same color.

Blog posts are supposed to have photos, so these are from a walk I took a few weeks ago.







3 thoughts on “February 27, 2017

  1. Shanda

    This made me smile. I think you came up with the perfect way to gracefully find out if someone is over 55!
    I do magic tricks with my laundry, too! It’s such fun and I always amaze my family. 🙂
    VERY PRETTY FLOWERS. We have a bright clear day –but cold– and snow coming!
    Have a great day!



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