Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When I pulled into the parking lot of a local public garden today there were so many cars there I knew the tulips must be in bloom – and they were!  The garden was full of lots of moms with strollers and that brought back memories of what seems like “just yesterday”  when I was there pushing a double stroller while chatting with other moms.

Kids sure do grow up fast.

One day about 26 years ago I was in line in a grocery store with two fussy toddlers who did not want to be there, and a cart full of groceries.  An older grey haired woman in line behind me said, “Honey, treasure this time because they will grow up fast.”

While I might have smiled and said thank you (I don’t remember what I said…), I was feeling quite harried and I remember thinking to myself that “it’s been a long time since this woman has had to deal with fussy toddlers in a store”.

And now that our kids are “grown and flown” I realize the truth of the old lady’s words.

Here are some photos from the gardens! 🙂








3 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 10, 2015

  1. Shanda

    The tulips and flowers are beautiful. I bought two containers of tulips from the grocery store last week and they’ve been a delight in the house. It will be a while before mine come up outside.
    I’ve had ladies say that to me as well, about enjoying the days when the kids are little. I have tried to do so, but I must admit, there is a very small part of me that will enjoy having them grown up. Raising youngsters is hard work!
    Blessings on your day!

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  2. debi

    Beautiful photos and garden of flowers! I’m sure looking forward to seeing the tulips here … right now, they are no where in site. 😦 I’d settle for any type of flower over the dull brown we have here now, but tulips are especially nice.

    I do miss those ‘stroller’ days, and I remember older women telling me to enjoy my son while he was young, too. Now, I find myself telling the moms of little ones the same. Yes, I found out what they were talking about … kids really do grow up fast … much too fast!

    Hope you had a good day! We had a visit from the sun today, and just in time for the rain tomorrow. I’d rather have the sun, but we could sure use a nice rain to ‘green’ things up around here anyway. 🙂



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